Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 Year Journal Love

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I don't know how it happened - but I left one big item off my "35 Has Arrived" list.  I had planned on starting a 5 year journal when I saw this great article on the Get it Scrapped site.  I was completely stoked about this idea.  It seemed utterly perfect - start the journal when I'm 35 and end when I'm 40.  So cool.  I had three months to decide what form I wanted the journal to take...
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  • Another great option was the 7 Gypsies library drawer with index cards - really liked this idea.  I thought I could decorate the back of each card with scrapbook paper or mixed media techniques with the goal of getting 366 cards done in five years - completely doable one would think.

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  • I also considered using some type of small card system and using the card catalog library drawer from 7 Gypsies.  It would give me the opportunity to put in little bits and pieces.  I still think this might be a cool way to do my OLW which I'm now centering around my birthday.  More on that to come...

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  • I finally considered taking the artsy piece out of the whole thing and buying a 5 year journal.  There are a lot of great options...

In the end I went with the Q & A option.  Why?  To be completely honest...I flaked and forgot to prep for the artsy version so it really only left me with the journal or starting after my birthday - which really wasn't okay for me.  What I really liked about the original inspiration was the questions.  It wasn't just me writing one sentence a day about whatever I wanted.  I didn't want mood and bad days to get in the way of this project.  I have a regular journal and blog for that...I almost went with the third journal because of the bird - but it just didn't quite fit.  Not to mention I can stamp a bird on the Q & A journal.  I'm happy with my decision and have already written my first entry.  Woot, Woot!  

I hope this gets your mind churning with ideas if you're deciding to do a five year journal or any kind of chronicle of major events.   I think a project like this is a perfect way to document a pregnancy, the first five years of a child's life, a healthy living campaign, etc.  I think almost any major life event could be done in one of the ways seen above.  I must find a project for that card catalog drawer.  Anyhoo.  I have a birthday lunch planned and one quick visit to a small person.  It looks to be another gorgeous day around here.  I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday.  Until then...

BTW: Click on the journals above to be taken to the original source.

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