Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Honorable Mentions with a Touch of Confusion

I almost called this post six sticks and an eff you but decided against it as it was originally slated to be my honorable mentions CHA post. And we'll get there, I just need to have a slight melt down. I have a chronic illness. I've had it for 15 years and I won't get into specifics. It does require me to take a fist full of meds daily and an infusion every six weeks. No big deal. It is what it is, right? Then the day comes when you get stuck six times for one effing treatment. Four of the sweetest nurses on the planet work for more than an hour to finally get the IV into the mother effing vein they started with - the only one that works. The one I told each and every last one of them - is the only that works.  And it's in these moments, I want to tell the universe to suck it. I know it could be worse, that's what people always say. And trust me - I want to kick them in the face when they say it.  Because let's be honest, it could also be nothing. So I'm sitting here in my doctor's office, finally hooked up to my medicine, blogging to keep from screaming cuz this is for the friggin' birds. Rant officially over. Now on to the festivities...

The following list represents a few more products I'm jonseing over from the CHA show. They didn't make my top ten but I love them just the same.

Source Image
The price point on this beauty is a little steep at $349.99. However, that's never stopped this girl before. To say I need this would be both histrionic and a complete understatement. I wish it was my consolation prize for being stuck SIX times.  Alas, there is no such prize.

Christy Tomlinson Stamps by Unity

SHE was a daughter Unity Stamp by Christy Tomlinson: Source Image

She Leaped Unity Stamp by Christy Tomlinson: Source Image
After taking both She Art classes and making precisely one piece of subpar art -  it seems somewhat silly to buy these stamps - but my obsession with all things crafty does not have to make sense.  Not to mention - the stamps are gorgeous and everything I wish I could do with what often seems like my own "feeble" art abilities.  Be sure to check out her other stamps here, she definitely has some great variety for those mixed-media lovers out there.  

Melt Art Texture Treads by Ranger Ink

Source Image
I can't for the life of me figure out how the heck these things work - but I'm excited just the same. Let's be clear I'm also quite confused - but I'm more than happy to make them a permanent part of my stash.  Can anyone say SGDB (Single Girl Desperately in need of Budget)?   I can assure you no one in this house has the slightest clue.  For a better idea of how these babies work, check out this example on Ranger's blog and their press release.  Don't be fooled - this girl is still stumped.

So believe it or not - that's it for now.  Thanks for letting me vent.  I know it's a small thing in the scheme of things - one IV every six weeks - but it feels good to release a little tension here and there.  And so I leave you with the words of John Green from The Fault in Our Stars, pg. 112, published by Dutton Books - An imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. (2012)...

"What a slut time is.  She screws everybody."

This author single-handedly with the art of prose made my day so much brighter.  I was laughing openly without any sense of shame. It's a great thing to find the funny when you're feeling royally screwed.  By the way - go out and get that book now (after reading the summary pretty please).  I'm not done quite yet - but the first half is more than worth it.  I have a reading post planned for later this week and possibly another CHA related post.  We'll see.  I hope Wednesday finds you well and stick free.  Until then...

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