Friday, March 30, 2012

35 Has Arrived!!!

So it's that time...I'm officially a 35 year old woman.  Time is a real "B" sometimes.  So - I had these grand intentions of having my must list done by today and my blog plan firm in my mind...and that just hasn't happened yet.  So - I'm doing a list of 35 things I want to do in this upcoming year.

  1. Meet my new niece or nephew for the first time.  
  2. Throw a rocking baby shower for my big sister.
  3. Write on a regular basis.
  4. Do one art journal page per week.
  5. Join Weight Watchers and work the program.
  6. Start to buy small things that turn my house into an extension of me.
  7. Read like the Dickens...52 books as previously planned.
  8. Soak up all the crafty goodness in the form of classes, videos, and books...and make some magic happen.
  9. Organize and finish decorating my bedroom - make it a sanctuary.
  10. Create an art gallery wall above my couch.
  11. Start an exercise routine and workout 2 to 3 times per week.
  12. Make it work - Blogger style.
  13. Have at least three movie days this year (3 to 4 movies in one day).
  14. Lose at least 35 pounds.
  15. Go to at least one musical.
  16. Visit the art museum.
  17. Visit the botanical gardens.
  18. Create a chore list and do it.
  19. See at least one orangutan.
  20. Start carving out a craft that works for me - some kind of hybrid between telling my story, card making, and mixed media.  
  21. Start a Happiness Project.
  22. Read everything I can find on Brene' Brown and her work on shame and embracing imperfection.
  23. Expand my knowledge base on all things play therapy.
  24. Volunteer to be a cuddler.
  25. Save $$$$$$
  26. Spend time with the Henderson clan.
  27. Participate in a photo scavenger hunt.
  28. Buy a new computer.
  29. Use some budget crafting strategies.
  30. Try and organize more diva crafting days.
  31. Visit a new place!!
  32. Take a real-life, in-person art class.
  33. Join a book club.
  34. Learn everything I can...
  35. NOURISH my mind, body, and soul.

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