Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Week

I made another decision - an important one with repercussions which are frankly biting me in the ass.  I deleted my Pinterest account.  I started an entirely new account connected to my Twitter account instead of my Facebook account and started the processing of "pinning the right way."  Needless to say - I wish I could slap myself silly right now.  I want to be clear about my decision - I am not in any way judging what other people choose to do or how they pin.  I, frankly am a hot mess, and wanted to honor the wishes of a blogger I follow.  I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't follow her anymore.  Just kidding.  So this week I'm going to link to Pinterest friendly websites and the little I know about doing the "right thing"...

So here's to taking the plunge and following the crazy voice inside my head.  Until then...

BTW: I am in no way advising anyone to delete their Pinterest account -  I just want to show some options for those of us scratching our heads while asking ourselves, "what the eff?".

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