Monday, September 19, 2011

Product Love - Stampy Goodness

Tonight I was reintroduced to a hard truth - I can't seem to be involved in two hobbies at one time.  I tried to make a card for the Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger - which is just gorgeous.  I couldn't do it.  Everything was pissing me off.  The way things stamped.  The paper I chose.  I hated it all.  So what's a girl that loves cardmaking and scrapbooking to do?  Well...I believe it's time to dedicate a product love post to all things stampy.  I know it's a made up word - but I love it.  Maybe this will be the jump start I need.  I just don't want to give up my scrappy momentum in the process. it goes.

Friends United: Source Image

LULU loves POPPIES: Source Image

LULU's MORNING FIX: Source Image

Lulu's TWO PIES: Source Image
So everyone knows I love Stamping Bella and most of their Lulu Collection stamps.  She's just so cute and lends herself to so many ethnicities and races.  It's the thing I love most about Stamping Bella and My Favorite Things.  So imagine my surprise and glee when I learned of Lulu's new collection - Uptown Girls.  Here are four of my favorites.


Uptown Girls CLARISSA and CAMILLE with a CAFE: Source Image

Uptown Girl VICTORIA and JULIETTE'S NIGHT OUT: Source Image

So I figured it out and if I wanted to buy every single one of these stamps it would be approximately $91.  If I added this lovely stamp I've wanted for several months - it would be $98.  Add shipping to those amounts and it's $95 and $103.  You know what - I think it would be totally worth it if it got my cardmaking mojo moving again.  I just want to be able to do two paper crafts at once without feeling like one blows more than hunchback whales.  Is it really that hard?  Yes, for me it is, and that's okay.  The bigger question is...will I buy all of these stamps in a little over five days or wait a little while...only time will tell.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.  Until then...

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