Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your Mission: Choose to Accept It

I've been home for almost two weeks. I had a very kind friend take care of my beastly kitty while I was away and I've been planning on getting her a gift or even better making something. Handmade is always a good thing. The problem is...I won't get off my keister and do it. It's a pretty simple thing really. Right? BTW: I'm horrible at this kind of thing. I haven't even called to check-in. It's terrible.

So this morning, I collected a large group of stamps. I was thinking more about being creative, having fun, and coming out with a bundle of mixed media cards for my friend wrapped in twine with a bow. Simple. Yes. Unfortunately, simple and I don't seem to be all. Did you notice how many stamps I pulled out? Many of these images are stamps I've never touched OR I've "simply" thrown in the towel after a particularly dastardly craft session. Many of these images have never seen the light of day on any kind of project. It's a shame. To be fair, five of these sets are relatively new - did I just say five? Sheesh! Moving on...

So this is what I'm working with...some might say there are far too many choices. I think it's plenty. I won't be getting up to get more stamps and I have a very loose framework in mind. Make them messy, imperfect, and pretty. I've never done this style before...which makes this mission precarious at best. I'm not sure if it's even my friend's style now that I think about it - but I hope it works out. I plan to use a bunch of my coloring mediums; distress inks, paints, stains, markers etc; inktense pencils; spray mist; watercolor crayons and so on.

I plan to start today by my very efficient visitor (I call him Dad) already has a list of errands to run. He has promised a day spent at home tomorrow. We'll see. So this is my plan or mission. Make 15 cards. Print out a variety of sentiments in pretty fonts, cut them into strips, bag them and put them with the card bundle. I don't usually put sentiments on my cards unless they are part of the set. So I want to give my friend choices. It's the first time I'll be doing it this way. Bundle the cards in teal twine and put in a cute box with a glue stick. Present to friend with apologies for being a gigantic ass and not calling immediately. My mission deadline is Sunday...I'm choosing to accept it. I might make a few changes to stamp images or color mediums but for now I'm pretty happy. Hope you're still having a great day (two posts in one day). Until then...

P.S. I just counted and there are 25 sets of stamps on that table - I've lost my mind.

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