Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Musings: Pinspiration

I just looked at my boards on Pinterest solely dedicated to layouts - meaning they actually have the word "layout" in the name. I have forty seven. Forty seven. Let me explain - I had boards with hundreds of layouts - they were of NO USE to me. I couldn't find anything - so I slowly started making changes. I started dividing my boards by motif, product, techniques, manufacturers, number of pictures, etc. It took a while to come up with the right mix but I finally feel like I have a place for 98% of the layouts I want to pin. Yet 47 does seem excessive. But here's the thing - I have groupings!
  • Arrows, Banners and Triangles

  • Circle and Grids

  • Confetti, Bursts, and Speech Bubbles

  • Map & Wood Grain

  • Stars and Hearts
Notice these groupings don't always make the most sense. But I have them to keep things underwhelming. The things one goes through to make everything simple can be quite complicated. I've heard things about the answer being simple but the question being complicated and vice versa. This feels like that in some ways. It's a simple concept - but the execution is a little more complicated.

So I'm wondering how you group your pins when it comes to layout inspiration. Do you make a large number of boards to keep small, meaningful groupings? Or do you have a small number of boards with large, meaningful groupings? Which way works best for you? Just in case you're interested, my boards can be found here. I hope everyone is having a lovely day full of fun pinning. Until then...

P.S. Funny thing...I sometimes write my posts early. I had 47 boards at the original time of this post. I now have 48. Someone help!

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