Thursday, June 13, 2013

My First Love

I have no delusions of having a large audience on this little blog of mine...none. However, I know that many of you know that I'm an avid reader. Or that at least, I'd like to be. At the start of the year, I made a pledge to read 70 books which was a bit of a joke. I lowered the number to 50 within the first several weeks of the calendar year. And then, I pretty much gave up the ghost. At the end of May, I had read six books. Six. But something else amazing had happened...

My creative self had blossomed. I was making layouts again. I was being creative, playing with products in new ways, embracing my new role as auntie to Mr. Kai. I started to feel okay about the fact that I hadn't done a lot of reading. Still - reading is a part of who I am. I honestly can't remember a time I couldn't read - which should absolutely be chalked up to a bad memory not an early aptitude for word decoding.

Despite bloom being my word for the year, I yearned for balance. During the school year, it is very difficult to stay focused and self-care is a huge part of my profession - an area I'm working on. But no books get read at the end of the year...and very few layouts get made. The focus is on closing out the year and allowing my body enough rest and relaxation to get it done - period. It's the nature of the beast - at least for now.

So after the school year ended and I flew to visit my sister, I was confronted with a unique idea - a way of reframing this goal for my year. Reading is definitely part of my past - a huge part really. Scrapbooking and memory keeping is part of my present. They both are really. My life feels better when I'm in flow with these activities. It's utterly ridiculous to have these two really lovely parts of my life working as forces against one another. So a new pledge was born - the number is still 50. However, my plan is to add my crafty and reading accomplishments together and have them total the number 50 for the year.

I'm doing well from that point of view and am super excited to have this fresh outlook. Eventually I might want to add blog posts or journal entries to my number - but for now I'm keeping it super simple. I'm already close to the number 30 and am satisfied with this new, improved plan. Who said you can't have both. So that's it for now - just a few random musings on reading, crafting, and pledges. Hoping this day is finding you well. Until then...

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