Monday, May 13, 2013

Product Love: Kit Club

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For the past few years, I've flirted with the idea of joining a kit club.  Last September, I took the plunge and joined the Cocoa Daisy kit club and really enjoyed it.  After the winter CHA products started arriving in stores, I canceled my membership.  My scrapbooking expenses were going way up as all of those wonderful goodies became available.  I recognized this wasn't a problem after the summer show because those products tend to be heavily holiday focused - and I'm definitely an everyday moments kind of scrapper.  I don't enjoy scrapping events or holidays.  After I had exhausted my spending opportunities at the local stores, I decided to give another kit club a try - Studio Calico.  I really enjoyed Cocoa Daisy.  I just wanted to see what another kit club had to offer.  I got my first kit this week - Planetarium and scrapbooked all weekend.  I loved it.  So I thought I'd devote this post to kit clubs and why they are so wonderful.

  • I get access to one of a kind products.
  • I get an opportunity to try out products I would never buy in a store - which can be surprisingly wonderful.
  • It takes the guess work out of matching products.
  • It opens me up to new color combinations.
  • It feeds the need for new crafty things in my house.
  • It provides an online community and access to oodles of inspiration, challenges, and overall informational goodness.  
  • They do not push holiday products.
  • They give me one more way to tell my story - and be motivated to do so.

I have a few other kits short listed to try out in the future.  If I keep on scrapping regularly, I might consider adding a second kit (if it's in my budget - yes, i said it).  I'll keep everyone posted.  I hope everyone's having a lovely Monday.  It might be time for me to start a count down to the day I get to see my nephew.  Love him so much.'s about that time, so....Until then...

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