Saturday, May 4, 2013

NSD Update: By the Numbers

I made my list. It has 17 items. Seventeen is my absolute favorite number. I think it's a sign of great things to come or just general all around goodness. Seventeen is the number of NSD challenges that piqued my interest. Seventeen that i actually took the time to write down. My plan is to narrow this list down to seven (another fave number on my list) and post a layout a day starting tomorrow until May 13th. I have exactly eight days to get it done (eight is another fave). The best part...the idea of this makes me very happy.

Why am I telling you this? Why did I take a picture of my list? It's pretty simple - I wanted to keep myself nurture some accountability. I have the photos. I have my stories. I'm ready to go. It's time to practice the butt in chair method. Not to mention, i wanted to try out the bokeh effects on my new photo app Picfx. I also used PicTapGo - an absolute must in my opinion. It works magic...seriously. Please wish me luck or just good will and happy thoughts on my scrappy pursuits over the next week. I have a feeling I'll need them. Until then...

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