Monday, October 3, 2011

Product Love & Changes

There are times when scrapbooking products, books, and movies are released and they change the way you think about things.  During these times, I cannot imagine scrapping anything else; reading anything else; watching anything else.  I felt that way when I saw Avatar and Titanic; when I read Ramona Forever, A Prayer for Owen Meaney, Life Artist, and Unless; and when I discovered Basic Grey.  And now...there's a new product in town.  I've already posted about Amy Tangerine's new line with American Crafts and how it was one of my top CHA picks.  Since having it in my home and getting an opportunity to play with it - I'm hooked.  I can't seem to make a layout without using one of her products.  So big deal right?  I'm addicted to another line...and then I found this!

Source Image
I can't explain the wonder that is this mini book.  It's amazing with different textures, patterns, materials and sizes.  I love it so much.  Let's be clear - I have no idea how to use it (yet) but I love it!  For some reason, I have a strong need for my readers to love it too.  So - if you're interested, definitely check out this video.

So that's it for today.  Run out and get Amy Tangerine's line.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

On to other things - over the next few weeks, I have big plans to change the structure of posts on this blog.  My goal is to move Product Love to Tuesday and combine it with Reading Corner.  I'm also going to add Movie Mania which will be on Tuesday's as well.  Monday will be devoted to Mixed Media.  Wednesday will be a day off from this lovely spot of mine.  Thursday will be feature day - more on that later.  Friday will be Link Love.  Saturday will be a day off.  Sunday will be all things scrappy and cards.  Five posts a week is my goal.  Why am I putting all this here?  One word - accountability.  I'm not sure how long it will take to make the switch but I'm stoked.  Anyhoo - I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.  Until then...

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