Friday, October 7, 2011

I Get It Already!

My Favorite Dog in the World
Dear first week of October - I would like you to know I understand completely.  I get it!  You are not to be effed with this week.  You do not want anything from me that hints of cheek or sarcasm.  I get it!  Please - let this day go well.  Otherwise - I'm finding a way to get my favorite dog in the world here in my house to comfort me.  Monday and Tuesday were not great - quite the understatement I might add.  Wednesday was a dream compared to Thursday - which pretty much told me to bend over.  I'm sorry lovely week.  I get it.  The cheekiness and sarcasm is over.  I'm hoping to make it out today with all my appendages intact.   And...if it's not too much to ask - all of my comrades appendages intact as well.  God help us.  It's been quite a week.  Happy Friday to everyone out there.  Trust me - my thoughts are with you.  Until then...

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