Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Product Love - Album Madness

It feels really good to start moving towards the new changes I'm planning to make on this little space of Internet heaven I have created here. I know it's not the most humble sentence ever written - but this place is a real haven to me. In some ways - it has saved me. It's kept me going through hard times and has always been a place I can go back to when I've given up (sometimes for months at a time). It's been a true blessing despite a very small readership.  I'm thankful for every person that visits this little site of mine. Please indulge my little slice of sentimentality. So on to the product goodness...

I'm a big fan of American Crafts albums. However, I've started to be really drawn to the photo pages in the We R Memory Keepers system. I had a friend recently have a problem with an American Crafts binder. It fell apart and she looked into the reason this could have happened. For the life of me I can't remember if she told me this - turns out it's best if you use the same manufacturer for both the album and the page protectors. If you choose not to stay with the same manufacturer it can cause problems with the structural integrity of the binder.  Which immediately got me thinking...maybe I should make a switch. I will never switch from the binder style - but have been feeling a pull toward We R Memory Keepers. I like their variety in both album styles and page protectors. So much fun...and then I found this...

We R Memory Keepers Designer Albums: Wall Flower
I was immediately in album heaven!  For quite some time - I've been considering adding another category to my albums.  I subscribe to the Library of Memories system from the legendary Stacy Julian.  I learned about the system from her book - Photo Freedom.  I use the categories prescribed in the book: All About Me; People I Love; Places I Go; and Things I Do.  There's just one little problem with the categories and my single scrappy status.  Things I do and All About Me can be merged.  I'm still working with the four category system trying to figure out what makes sense for me.  One thing I know for sure - I need a New Pages album.  I have commitment issues.  I don't like to put my new pages (over the last 6-12 months) in their category album after they're completed.  Something just feels wrong about it.  I want a nice place to keep them until I'm ready to make the switch.  For a girl that loves teal, the Wall Flower Album is a perfect, beautiful solution!

Anyhoo...just for good measure, I thought I'd present the four beauties I'm considering for my current categories.  Please note: all images can be found here.

Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Aquamarine 
Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Key Lime
Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Dijon

Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Hazelnut
Remember how I mentioned those wonderful page protectors?  Aren't they just lovely?

We R Memory Keepers - Page Protectors Multi-Pack (12x12 Ring)
I'm totally ready to make the jump.  Damn the cost, time, headache of transferring all my layouts, and the health of my hands - I must have these new albums.  Rational it is not - but I'm completely in.  I'm ready to have a place to keep layouts with multiple photos of an event.  I'm not a cropper.  I don't buy photos from websites with non-standard sizes.  I'm a traditional 4x6 girl.  I can't wait to try something new.  So that's it for now - this girl is ready for a major change.  Now if only the money would appear...Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  Until then...

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