Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Seven - Catch-up Day

So - I'm finally going to get a chance to write about something I've had planned.  Praise God.  For a long time I've had a pretty consistent style when it came to buying crafting products.  I usually went for more graphic papers and worshiped at the feet of Basic Grey.  However - in the last year I've noticed a few changes.

*I wasn't getting every single Basic Grey paper line anymore.
*I began to make cards with a vengeance and started buying 6X6 paper packs like they were going out of style.
*I found new product lines to love like Cosmo Cricket and Pink Paislee.
*I embraced all things small which just means I started doing mini-books instead of just buying them.
*I started stamping which again means I started stamping with the products I had plus bought lots more.
*I love dress forms, sewing machines, sewing images on patterned paper, and vintage cooking images/paper!  What?

Which believe or not leads me to the point.  Styles can change.  And although I myself am adverse to change, my sense of style is not.  I came to this realization on one of my most recent shopping trips when I was buying Prima paper and stamps (see pic above).  Yes, Prima!  Totally not my style at all.  Very whimsical, feminine, romantic and the like.  Things I usually avoid like the plague.  But boy do I love it.  So much that I made a layout about my amazing friend and my biological clock which seems to be whispering 'have a baby' every friggin' minute of the day.

When I look at this layout - I see a lot of traditional me in it - clean lines, flowers, journaling.  But then there's the mask in the corner and multiple photos and a paper unlike any I have ever scrapped with and I'm faced with the reality that my style is changing.  And you know what - I'm really glad it is! 

Today: I have just a few things to say about my day which will give you an idea of how it was.  I spent two hours at the DMV (two trips, one hour each).  I spent 30 minutes at the County government office waiting when I didn't need to.  I spent $113 at Jiffy Lube on things I actually needed.  And after all that came home to an apartment where the air condition still wasn't fixed.  Nice eh?  But after all of that - I got myself a nice lunch and came back and took a nap.  Feeling a little better now.  Here's hoping you had a great Monday.  Until then...

P.S. CKC in four days!  Can't wait.

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