Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Friday

Nine is the magic number.  Actually - I can't stand the number nine - but it's my number.  Or....maybe I should say it was my number.  I made nine layouts last year.  Nine.  When I did the math I almost lost the will to live...but here I sit...starting over.   I'm not looking at the number nine as a failure - but a sign of how mind-blowingly blocked I was last year.  I couldn't find my sweet spot.  I've come to terms with that now and there's only one reason...God.  

I don't talk much about my beliefs here - but it's absolutely worth mentioning.  I never do anything for Lent - but I thought I'd do something a little different this year.  Originally I thought about giving up cursing.  I then came to my senses and realized that there was no way in the world I could make it through a day without cursing.  I can't explain it...I just need it - like coffee and air.  So I decided to do one creative thing a day and everything changed.  

It's been almost three weeks and I've completed eight layouts.  Eight.  One less than the total number of layouts I completed in 2012.  And you want to know what - I love every effing one of them...warts and all.  It is a beautiful and BLESSED thing.  I believe wholeheartedly that God brought me back to my center - I don't feel that overwhelming need for perfection.  I don't feel the weight of disappointment when I make a mistake.  I move on - and trust me that's definitely God.  He is good in every way.   I originally planned on giving a list of things that have inspired me - that brought me back so to speak.  But in truth - I believe there is only one thing.

I'm going to take this opportunity to share my first two layouts of the year.  They're are some problems - but again, I love them so much.  So here goes nothing or maybe almost everything...

Patterned Paper: Echo Park; Stamps: Cocoa Daisy; Stickers: Echo Park, American Crafts; Template: American Crafts; Thread: American Crafts; Ink: Ranger Distress Ink

Patterned Paper: American Crafts: Stickers: Echo Park Paper, American Crafts, KI Memories, Diecuts: Studio Calico; Spray Ink: Ranger, Studio Calico; Template: American Crafts: Thread: American Crafts
I thank God for renewing my creative spirit - for making me less of a crazy, perfectionistic freak when it comes to scrapbooking.  I just am so very thankful.  I leave you with that this Friday.  Have a great day.  Until then...

P.S. I hope to give up cursing some day.  I just figure for now - who am I kidding?

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