Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 Must List

If you read Entertainment Weekly, you are more than likely familiar with their weekly MUST list column. Inspired by Karen Grunberg's amazing list of goals over the last two years, I've decided to make my own goal list for this year.  Since I'm late to the game this year - the current list is a work in progress which will be unfolding over the next few weeks.  I'm taking Karen's Reclaiming My Time class at Big Picture Classes which I hope will facilitate attaining my goals this year.  I'm also reacquainting myself with the section on list making from the book below which I highly recommend.

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As time goes on, I will be updating my list on the right sidebar.  For now, here is my current list.

2012 MUST List

Creative/Craft MUST List
1. Participate Move More, Eat Well and One Little Word 2012 classes on a monthly basis.
2. Subscribe to 1 or 2 kit clubs and live within those products each month (excluding annual CKC and stamping conventions).

Reading MUST List
1. Read 52 books this year.
2. Read 10 therapeutic books this year (counted as part of my total 52).
3. Track Reading Pledge 2012 process on Goodreads.

Writing MUST List
1. Post on blog three to four days per week.
2. Write in journal three to four days per week.
3. Publish Process of a Page/Project on blog at least once per month.

Health MUST List
1. Participate in Move More, Eat Well class regularly at Big Picture Classes.
2. Make transition to Gluten-Free diet.
3. Start swimming 2 to 3 times per week.

Home MUST List
1.  Organize and finish decorating bedroom.
2.  Start to acquire small objects which will transition my house to a home that feels more like me.
3.  Create weekly/monthly chore list and DO IT!
4.  Create gallery wall in living room.

Play MUST List
1. Go to at least one movie a month in a theater!
2. See at least one musical.
3. Visit the art museum in my city.
4. Have at least three movie days this year (3 to 4 movies in one day).
5.  Spend at least two weeks with my niece and nephew in Los Angeles.
Just one more post to go to end this New Year's Day.  Again - hope you're having a great one!  Until then...

Updated 03/05/2012: There have been a few changes around here and I'm re-evaluating my MUST list and unveiling a new list for my birthday.  I'm not going to follow the calendar year any longer.  Too many bad associations to go with the beginning of the year and resolutions.  Be looking for the new list at the end of March.

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