Saturday, January 7, 2012

If You Don't Know....It's Time to RECOGNIZE...

... Pinterest that is!  I know it's a commitment.  You have to find someone willing to invite you or wait the few days or weeks it takes to get an invite.  Be patient, diligent, and persevere - because there isn't a more magnificent way to spend your extra time than this place.  I think it's the most fantastic time suck I've ever found to date.  My friend took issue with the word time suck because Pinterest has great uses and it does.  I just want to be clear - there are magnificent, glorious, positive time sucks and then there are the ones that traffic jams or waiting in the doctor's office for hours just to have the man not know who you are and tell you about how to shoot pain meds intraveneously.  Just saying.  Pinterest definitely fits in the first category.  So in honor of all things Pinterest and the start of a new year and a new word...I would like to present a few great things I've found on my new, wonderful, time-sucking obsession.

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I found this picture with my friend and we laughed so hard.  It is possibly the cutest picture of a Frenchie I've  ever seen.  This puppy is definitely a reminder to nourish laughter and joy.

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The Gingerbread Weasley Home ~ I can't even wrap my head around how to do this.  I just know that it's absolutely fantastic!!!

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As a person that loves both trees and birds - I absolutely love this book shelf.  It makes me happy in so many ways.  It would be perfect over my bed.

Source Image
There isn't a planet where I could fit into this dress right now.'s one of the first things I saw on Pinterest and it looks like the most comfortable thing ever!  It is the symbol of warming up next to a fire with your favorite blanket and a book in dress form.  I love it.

There's so much more to share but that's it for now.  Despite using Pinterest mostly to bookmark craft ideas - it's funny I didn't post any of them today.  If you're interested in seeing more of what I find inspiring, please click the "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on the left side bar.  Anyhoo...I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!  Until then...

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