Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & OLW 2012 Redux

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Happy New Year!  I know that today is not the new year in all cultures - so that statement is directed to those celebrating the same calendar year as myself.  This is totally the social worker in me talking and stalling all at the same time...

I'm rethinking my One Little Word for this year.  It's a funny thing.  I was lying in bed this morning - listening to Sex and the City 2 while surfing the net on my iPad - when I realized I don't know if I like my word.  Renew is a beautiful word - for someone.  However, it's not the action word I want at this time.  So I headed over to Ali Edwards's blog to see if she had compiled a list of words yet (she usually does each year).  There wasn't a list yet - but there are tons of comments and the first word jumped out at me....


I saw this word and knew immediately it was it.  I feel a little bad changing it to the FIRST word I saw - but that's life.  When something fits - it just fits.  So there it word for 2012 (at least my word for the moment).  So what sold me on this word - well the definition and the many things I want to nourish in my life right now (more on that to come as the year unfolds).

In many ways, I thought I needed something of a rebirth this year.  However, this morning I was thinking about something my mother loves to say..."When you know better, you do better."  I think it's a wonderful theory - beautiful really.  Unfortunately it means absolutely nothing in the real world.  I know a lot of things - I don't do a lot of them.  For example, I know making raw cookie dough two or three times a week and eating it as dessert is bad and will lead to an untimely death.  That in no way stops me from making the dough and stuffing my face with it.  So in actuality - I don't need to renew which in some ways seems so passive to me.  I need to nourish the things that matter to me this year - the things I know I need and want to do better.  And there it is.  Serendipity - being on the right blog, reading the right comment, at exactly the right moment.  Love it.  

Here's hoping everyone is having a wonderful day!  Until then...

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