Sunday, July 28, 2013

So...I Didn't Forget

Real quick: I did not forget about CHA or my promise that I would do an ENTIRE week of posts on my favorite new products. I had every intention of doing those posts. And then I saw Pinterest and other blogs and how beautifully they summarized the new crafty lines and the show and wondered if my voice was needed. And that, my friends, is why comparison is the thief of joy (not sure who said that). So - my plan is to do a post at some point this week. I loved a ton of things - so I'm narrowing it down to eight. I know it seems like a random number - but it's my favorite number and I need to reign it in - so eight.

Right Now: I'm working on scrapbook layouts for my sister about my nephew. I'm using ideas and content from Ali Edwards's class, Hello Story (registration for this class is closed). I'm trying to recover from a string of social activities. As a strong introvert, my energy is completely depleted at this point. I refused to leave the house to get coffee today. I might do a little art journaling. I made a spray mist background yesterday. My only other plan is to rest, with a capital R. Tonks (my beastly kitty) will be resting along with me. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Until then...

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