Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yarn Bombs

One of the things I love about visiting bookstores in other towns, particularly big cities, is the opportunity to see new books usually not available at my local store.  Often, I return these books to my local store when the excitement wears off and I realize I've lost my effing mind.  Case in point, I found this book, Craft Activism, while visiting my family on the west coast and was completely reeled in by it's seemingly innovative nature.  BTW: It totally rocks the innovation piece in so many ways.  However, I don't knit.  I don't sew.  I don't do half of the crafts in this book.  Being me, I didn't write down any of the cool ideas or inspirational goodness.

Lucky for me, I made a trip to U City yesterday and walked up on this:

It's a form of street art.  It's a very cool form of street art...and there are so many others.  I decided to start a pin board on yarn bombing which you can find here.  There's something simple and beautiful about seeing a tree or other object enveloped in yarn - I don't know what it is.  I just love it.  So that's it for this Sunday morning (almost afternoon).  Hope you're having a good day!  Until then...

BTW:  The artists behind this work care called the Tree Sprite Knitters (the coolest effing name ever) and information on this installation can be found here.  I learned a little more from this short post.

  • This ART is commissioned by the Delmar Loop - so cool.
  • There a variety of names for yarn bombing (which can be found on the tags of this post).

Also...if you want more on one member of the group and the generator of the QR code attached to the tree (again, so cool) take a look here.  If you want more on the book I mentioned earlier, check out the Craft Activism website.

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