Monday, July 30, 2012

Big, Big Plans

I'm getting out of the house.  I know it might not seem like a big deal - but really it's a huge thing for me.  I'm an introvert, a wallflower, an observer - I get most of my energy from being in 888 square feet most every day.  The summers are a real challenge since my natural inclination lures me to comfortable spaces, my house, the bookstore, the local coffee shop, etc.  The movie theater use to be on this list of comfy spaces that felt a little like home - but that hasn't been true for a long time.  So - it's a big deal, for me.

I'm going to see this movie today after three months.  I have no idea what I've been waiting for...

Source Image
...and after I'm done with all that alleged greatness (and hotness I might add) I'm off to get a Salvadoran classic for lunch and then join my many (fictional boyfriends) at the showing of this movie...

Source Image
Better get a move on...I have every intention of smuggling petit vanilla scones and breezing in with coffee.  We'll see.  I hope everyone has a lovely Monday.

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