Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Hello friends!!!  I finally have something crafty to report.  I wanted to share the cards from the June 10 on the 10th post where I tackled the issue of planning and finishing a big project.  I was focused on how to keep things fresh and interesting while getting 50 cards completed.

Now that I'm firmly on the other side of this large crafty commitment, I can breathe a sigh of fresh air and talk about it without turning to blue language or tears.  So without further ado...

As many of you might remember, the momma-to-be was active in the paper decision making and color scheme.  This is an important part of the process.  I definitely felt inspired by the scheme and ended up having more freedom than anticipated in terms of accent colors, design, etc.

This is by far the favored card of the bunch.  My sister (momma-to-be or preggers depending on the day and my mood) loved this card.  She especially loved the paper-pieced shopping bags.  I had planned on doing that on every card - but that flew out the window after the first 10.  I think the Spectrum Noir markers held up well and I like the coloring on this particular card.  The design is a direct copy (or card lift) from the ever-talented Jodi Collins.  You can find her original card here.  I love her style so much.

Next up, is this beauty,

I really loved making this card.  It's another card lift from Jodi Collins.  Find the original here.  I think it's one of my favorites because the amount of layering.  Notice how I've stopped paper piecing at this time and the juiciness of the Spectrum Noir markers is getting the better of me on the leggings.  I'm trying not to sweat those things - even now.

The following card is a simplified version of the one above.  I had grand plans to liven this one up a little more but it didn't happen.  I also planned on paper piecing the bags, another thing that didn't happen.  Insert sigh here.

Next up, is another Jodi Collins inspired card.  Have I said I love her work enough yet?  Find the original here.  I really love what SHE did with the card.  I think my interpretation is really lacking.

Frankly, there is too much pattern going on here.  I never thought I'd utter the words.  There is no where for the eye to rest - a really big problem in design.  I should have considered that more.  Also notice how I've stopped the intricate blending on the images.  This was one of the last designs and my arthritic hand was screaming for mercy.

The next card was inspired by this sketch from Retro Sketches.

Retro Sketches: Original Source

This was my favorite paper.  I didn't have a lot of it and I was just SURE I was going to rock these out.  I thought the heavens were going to open and sing at this finished card.  Guess what?  I hate the end result.  Sometimes life is just like that.  I wanted to tear them up - but a girl's got to get here order done.

And finally last but not least is this little dear...

I almost kept this one.  It was in the height of my blending phase and I was playing with sky colors.  I loved the end result even if the shading around the girl is a little purple for my taste.  This card was inspired by one of the earliest sketches on the Mojo Monday blog.  You can find the original here.  I really love the finished product on this one....

So that's it for now.  I'll be back in a few days with a list of things I learned from this project.  I have big plans with Starbucks and my local book store today.  Going to do some reading and try to resist buying any of the lovely books.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday.  Until then...

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