Sunday, November 6, 2011


Okay - so I decided to get a grip and get on with it...which just means I finally found the right journaling spot and the will to finish an effing page.  Let's show the sketch shall we...

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It goes without saying how much I love Shimelle's sketches.  They are a true inspiration.  So this was my first  pass at the sketch.

As I said before - I could not decide on a journaling spot and really hated the bunting in the upper right corner.  In a moment of complete rashness, I tore off the bunting - ripping the paper in process.  Not my finest hour to say the least.  After writing my previous post and getting my thoughts out - can't recommend that enough - I went on and found a journaling spot and a fix for my torn paper faux paus.

I love these two more than anything (the babies).  Love them.  I still have that blasted seven days under the LAX sticker from American Crafts.  One of my many attempts at journaling straight on the paper.  Needless to say - it didn't work out.  In some ways I feel like it looks like I threw random embellishments on the page - but they all are symbolic of my weekend.  The title is from a song by Adele. I think the layout's busy and doesn't tell the whole story - but I think everything's a little too raw right now to get down in one shot.  So this is the layout's latest manifestation.  Can you say - all over the place.  Sheesh.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Until then...

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