Friday, November 4, 2011

Back in Business

I'm baaack!  I'm so happy to be back - actually.  I've missed this space. The last few weeks have defied words - but at times have been shot through with such beauty and laughter it almost brought me to my knees.  It seems like tough times are like that - you keep on wondering why the hits keep coming - and somehow you're still you and the people you love are still the people you love - and you start to pull through.  It's a beautiful, yet heartbreaking, thing.

Let's be honest - in the past few weeks I have not had the energy or motivation to create.  It's been gone from me.  Fortunately - I always have the will to spend.  So...I just wanted to share a few classes catching my eye around the world wide web (I wonder why no one calls it that anymore?).

Patterned Paper Party by Shimelle Laine (already started - still wonderful) ~ I love her classes.

She Art 2 Workshop by Christy Tomlinson ~ I'm currently taking the first workshop and am shocked at the amount of video in the class.  It's an amazing amount of time for the cost.

Reclaiming My Time by Karen Grunberg ~ I'm a devout follower of all things KG.  I've loved her classes and highly recommend participating in ANYTHING she is doing - she's amazing.  She's changed the way I scrapbook - the way I shop.  Or - I think this needs a reframe...she's given me the tools to take control of my scrapbooking style and the way I shop.  A-MAZ-ing!

Move More Eat Well 2012 by Cathy Zielske ~ I'm wanting to make healthy changes in the next year...I'm hoping CZ and the BPC community can help me with that journey.

I have my eye on one more class...but will talk about that later.  I hope everyone is doing well and has a very happy Friday!  Finally it's Friday!  Until then...

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