Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello again.  I wonder when I won't need to write those words at the beginning of a post due to a delay.  Who knows?  I'm going through a burn-out phase once again.  Not the cute ones that last a week and then you're back roaring again.  I'm in one of those "Will I ever craft again?" kind of burn-out phases.  The kind that kick you in the junk and then stand there pointing and laughing as you try to feel your way through.  I love those.  So what am I going to do about it?  I'm going to revisit this and this.  I'm going to continue to search out inspiring blogs.  I'm going to get my butt in that chair and fake it 'til I make it.  It's the only way.

So - I'm going to try and see this new phase in a positive way.  Instead of dwelling on the overwhelming fear that I might never get back to my card and mini-book making mojo - I'm going to try and see the silver lining.  First, I actually want to scrapbook again which has been a long time coming.  This new shift into balance has made stories begin to re-emerge - which is amazing.  Second, I can focus on my blog again and work on turning it into something that really represents my point of view, likes, dislikes, highs, lows, etc.  Third, I can start experimenting with new things (hopefully mixed-media).  I would like to start using stamping and painting to create stories.  Not really sure what that means or what it will look like - but it's been ruminating in my mind.  Finally - I'm going to read read read.  Since my sister's been here - I'm back to reading again.  I love it so much.  With Charm here - I actually stay up instead of sleeping my life away so there's time to do things that I've really been missing out on.  I hope this trend continues when she goes home.

Despite my current burn-out phase - I do have pics of some projects I completed in January.  I made three mini-books in that month starting with the Intentions mini-book.  My intentions are inspired by none other than Ali Edwards.  I usually do a scrapbook page but decided to change it up a bit with a mini book.  I have pictures of the mini book before the words and photos were added and the finished project.  I hope you enjoy.


For the background of the mini-book, I used card sketches.  I got this tip from Christine Middlecamp after she purchased A Card A Day.  I really love Christine's style and found this tip to be very helpful when making my mini-book.  It also helped to have wonderful paper from SEI.   I found this paper pack over Christmas break on clearance at Michaels.

So...that's my intentions project.  I'm sorry the pictures weren't better quality (or straighter).  I liked the finish project.  I also enjoyed the chance to give my new Making Memories Slice a spin.  Sorry for the word heavy post.  What can I say...I love the words.  Anyhoo.  I hope this Monday finds you happy and well.  Until then...Happy Crafting!

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