Monday, April 21, 2014

Artful Beginnings - Wrap Up

Yesterday was the final day of my 40 day creative project - Artful Beginnings. It was heavily inspired by the work I've done in the last several months through my online classes. Both teachers, Tamara Laporte and Andrea Gomoll, are an inspiration and I feel blessed to have found each one. I did a similar project last year with a focus on scrapbooking - it completely jump started my mojo and I had a really productive year on the memory keeping front. I'm happy with the idea of this project (that coincides with Lent) and will do it again next year.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my last project and some of the things I've learned in the last forty days. I'll start with the picture I shared in Saturday's post.

I really loved the doily in her hair - but didn't particularly like the loss of definition between the yellow portion of the page and her hair. So I added a line.

This is the final piece (with the line added to her hair) - I'm still not sure about it...but that's okay. The words are the first paragraph of the poem "Caged Bird" by Dr. Maya Angelou. It's my favorite.

So here's a quick round-up of my project.

11 Artful Girls
4 Two Page Spreads
9 Art Journal Projects
8 Art Mediums Used (Gesso, Ink, Gelatos, Big Brush Markers, Paint, Watercolor Crayons, Inktense Pencils, Modeling Paste)

I'd also like to share a few things I've learned.

  • Modeling paste does not adhere to gelatos. I peeled it completely off the dress of one of my art girls.

  • Take your time - originally I had planned on doing 40 girls which was totally nuts and impractical. Sticking to the rule of working on one project a day was a revelation for me.

  • I prefer a mix of Inktense Pencils, Watercolor Crayons, and Gelatos to create my skin tones. I'm still in the world of trial and error - but I prefer those products.

  • Use everything in your arsenal - I've used stamps for facial features and I've drawn my own and that's okay. I don't beat myself up about it.

  • Be careful with paint pens - they will burp (letting out too much paint) and alter your project.

  • I prefer working in an art journal. Separate watercolor pages don't really work as well for me.

  • Large binder clips are a must when using an art journal. I couldn't work without them.

  • Be easy on yourself - this is a process. Have fun.

So that's it for now - my wrap-up of the last forty days. I plan on extending my project through the end of the school year and then evaluating my progress. I think this project will be ongoing as long as it's fun and playful. I love where I'm at now in my artful journey. I look forward to my next project. It's a good feeling. Anyhoo...that's it for today. I hope everyone is having a great Monday filled with crafting and fun. Until then...

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