Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Need a Little Magic

"There are moments when you absolutely need someone to show up like magic, not because you need something nice, but because you need your world view transformed.  You need hope to be born in you.  You need to know in one moment that someone believes in you.  You need a kindness midwife to hold the space so you can show like magic for someone else the next time around..."
--Jen Lemen (Quote is from Creative is a Verb by Patti Digh; pg. 91)

Isn't this quote the absolute truth?  I need someone to show up like magic for me right now - desperately.  One day until my big day, and all I can think about is creating a new life with meaning.  It's the question shaping my life right now - the one I'm driven to answer.  I wonder...what's the question shaping your life right now?  Where do you need a little magic?  I wish I could be that for someone - that someone could be that for me.  Here's to finding a little magic today.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!  Until then...

P.S. The photo is from with a little texture magic.


  1. Hi! You're the winner of May's class from my blog drawing, congrats!! :) Email me your name & email address, and I'll forward that onto May. Then I'm sure she'll tell you how to get signed up. :) D.

  2. Hi, I drew your name as the winner of May's class from my blog drawing! Yay! Just email me your name & email addy, and I'll pass it onto May.

    Congrats again!



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