Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Changes

Surprised you!  I was going to say Christmas but there are two small things I want to share today.  First - my new hair cut...

To say I was terrified to go from long hair (past my shoulders) to a short cut is/was maybe the biggest understatement I've ever uttered - however - I knew it was time.  It was just impossible.  This is about a week after the cut and all the curly cues have had a time to start to form.  I love it more each day.  Some days it feels like I have phantom hair - I'm looking for my bun and my headband.  But this is me now.  It's so easy to take care of and is just so simple.  Simple is good.

And on to the Holidays!!!!  Since I've made the decision to remain in my neck of the woods this year - my mom really wanted me to have a tree this year.  So - I went out today and went a little wild.  My first Christmas tree at 34.  Teal and green - my favorite color combination.  Love it to so much.

It seems a little empty in places - but I was completely inspired by the floor model.  I'm not a huge fan of decorating and it is a little off balance - but it's done!  That's what matters most for me right now.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.  Until then...

BTW: Thanks for the tree Mom and Dad!

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