Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Self Portrait a Day

I've been searching for a project or challenge to ground me this year.  I have an ongoing list to choose from and I'm happy to announce I've made at least one decision.  I want to do a self-portrait a day photo challenge.  These are two pictures from today.  I recently got the iPhone 4 and am loving everything about it.  I have a lightroom app on the phone that is absolutely outstanding.  I've been playing with a lot of the settings.  I love the effects of both of these pictures - love the emotion they convey.  Today wasn't a stellar day - if you couldn't tell - and this is one way of documenting that.  I feel like the paper part of crafting life is failing me right now - or I'm failing it.  In any case, this is one more way to be creative.  I'm excited to think of different ways to document me.  I have so more ideas to expand the challenge - I'll keep you posted as those come along.  I've been gone so long - I'm not really sure if anyone is reading this right now.  If you are and have some ideas for innovative ways to take a self-portrait - please let me know.  I'm going to need a lot of different ideas.  So that's my only update for now.  I hope everyone had a nice day.  Until then...

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